Activate your body and soul through movement, breath and music




the method.


we activate your body + soul through movement, breath and music. 


Join An Activation

Built from foundational principles and tempo-based workouts, activations restore the healthy flow, energize your mind, body and soul in our bodies.


Feel The Release

By diving deeply into each Activation, we open up any blockages in order to release your energy to grow freely.

virtual studio

spin classes + activate sculpt classes for the soul, from your own home

One step into our virtual studio and you’ll be surrounded by the energetic ambiance that we all are searching for in this season.

Our Activate At Home experience is based in wholeness, with opportunities to build a strong body as well as a deeply focused mind. 




spin classes for the soul


An ultimate pump made for the physical, emotional and spiritual high you crave.

Built from foundational principles to activate the body, energize your mind, and move forward with meaningful action.


shoot your shot, literally and figuratively


A fusion boxing, sculpt and strength training classes based on fundamental principles athletes use to workout.

Fundamental boxing movements delivered in a HIIT style, infused with weighted movements to create a 45mins sweat-drenching session.

what people say

Confidence Comes From Practice On The Bike

"I learned so much in the instructor training with Stephanie. I'm more confident on the bike, my endurance is better. I am able to create my own playlist because of the on and off the bike training. The training is structured to help you find/hear the beats to provide you to hit your choreography effortlessly. Taking this course was the best decision I made in 2020. You won't regret it!"


instructor training


level up as a leader and instructor

Master The Fundamentals

You will build out the foundation of your skills and technique on and off the bike — from bike setup, building playlists, and choreography.

Amplify Your Voice

You will learn language building techniques, effective cuing, and how to develop your own language to be a motivational coach.

Find A Leader's Mindset

This training will teach you the skills and routines that you need to confidently lead a group fitness class.


take your fitness off the bike and to the next level with our guest coaches, speakers and friends 

your trainer

empowering every person to level up their workouts 



8+ Years of Experience in Fitness

I'm an instructor based in San Diego, California, and have led more than 1000+ classes and trained 45+ instructors from Mexico, USA and Australia.

ClassPass Instructor of the Year

I've helped to kickstart 4+ cycling studios, created a cycling program in South Australia, and teach with energy and intention.

energy  //  drive  //  intention  //  ambition

get activated.

it's your move — are you ready?